Tutorial of the Day - Photoshop

Photoshop is an application where we can add and detach of photo's, this tutorial explains how to insert a photo in Photoshop.

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Go to FILE Menu and Choose OPEN Option
  3. OPEN dialog box window will be displayed

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What is Resolution?

Hi Friends, as a web and graphic designer we need to know what is resolution. Resolution is measure of how clear and sharp an image is; it is measure in “dots per inch”. When a scanner scans a graphic or a digital camera takes a picture, the image stored as a pattern of discrete dots.

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Learn Internet from Basics

Web Tips

Important Web Sites

  1. We Have Millions of website over on Internet, It is not possible to search and see all the site.

    Here are list of websites which are helpful

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Tutorial of the Day - Flash

Rotating Animation with Motion Tween Concept

  1. Take New Document
  2. Draw Square on left side of Document ( Layer 1 at Frame 1)
  3. Select any Frame example: 20thframe ( Layer 1 at Frame 20)
  4. Press F6 ( F6 std's for Inserting Key Frame )
  5. Now Move the Square towords Right side of Document
  6. Select the frames

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Web Space only for 1000

Web Space only for 1000

Web Space only for 1000

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